How to root the android 10 head unit ? [June 2022]

A car stereo is to have better quality sound for sure, and for me, it means that my car stereo is in a straight dash console that can be transformed into a head unit with an android 10 and a widescreen – so it would make things more fun!
You must be wondering how to root the android 10 head unit? I’ve read somewhere that rooting the android 10 system is not as simple as root on other versions of the android system, but I will still work on it. And help you to fix yours without facing many difficulties:

Tools required for fixation:

  • PC with a DVD/CD drive.
  • Android 10 tablet or phone (though, it is not essential).
  • A USB cable and an SD card with the android 10 system on it.

You must get these things to install your device. However; now with advancements in technology, it became much easier.

Installing the ROOT app:

Start the rooting process by installing the app “Kingo Root” from the market (search it or download it from google play). Run up this app to gain access to all content on your root device.

Steps in the app:

Once you are done downloading and installing the app. You just go with the flow, as your installed app instructs you to do!

Rooting the android 10 head unit:

Reboot your device to get into the system and select “Root” option in the app, then quit out of it.
All you have to do is go up to “Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources”. Thereafter, plug in your root device and launch the Kingo Root app again to start rooting your head unit. (you will be asked if you want to select an option, choose YES).
You have to have some patience as it takes a couple of minutes to get done.

Checking access:

After this, you will go to the “Applications” section in the Kingo Root app and your head unit will be seen there as a “remote device” (like a remote control to turn on/off your head unit). After that, you can have access to all content on your root device.

Benefits of Head unit:

There are many benefits involved with the use of a head unit that you may never have thought of before. The main benefit to having a head unit is the great sound, which is rarely found in regular stereos. As well, you have access to all the android OS stuff directly on your head unit, which is great if your car is tucked away and out of sight. In addition, having this big screen TV screen makes it easy to use navigation and other apps on your android 10 tablet or phone much more conveniently than from a smaller screen in front of you.


I hope that after going through this informative article you must have learned how to root the android 10 head unit, After rooting the android 10 head unit, you can enjoy it as a remote control to your head unit (like a universal remote). Also, you can use the phone’s apps, play games or even edit videos on your head unit.


Q – What is the difference between an Android head unit and a regular head unit?
The major difference is that an Android head unit has been modified to be able to install an android tablet or phone in it.

Q – Can I get Android 10 on my TV?
Yes! You can also get this great app on your TV via using the HDMI cable input in your TV and android 10 will be seen on the big screen HDTV.

Q – How do I know if it has been rooted?
After you download the app, go to Settings –> Application –> Unknown Sources. You will see if it is recognized or not. If not, then you haven’t rooted it yet!

Q – How do I know if it has been rooted?


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